Dìnky Tracks is the rental house that owns my gear and therefore edit invoices.

Gear available from our Paris and Bordeaux facilities.

Rental prices according to A.F.C.S recommandations.

Insurance fees: 8% total without V.A.T.

Basic Unit:

Tiffen® Steadicam M-1 sled+ Volt

Transvidéo® HD X-SBL 8′ monitor

Transvidéo® HD Arri monitor/ recorder

Steadicam® Fawcett Exovest

FlowCine® X-Bone

GPI Pro® Titan arm + 6 canisters

8 IDX-Endura batteries+ quick charger

2 Wide Sunbouce® Wind-Killers

2 Volt docking bracket

1 Low mode bracket

Betz-tools® eagle shoulder mount

Betz-tools® Quick-lock plate

Tools, rain covers,… 

Plus Unit:

Jackal Rickshaw                          220€/day

Betz-Tools® Wave-1                   150€/day

Inovativ® Scout 37 cart+aks    150€/week

UVM Abracam® (for quad and dolly shots)

80€/ day

Chrosziel® Aladin HF Focus-Iris kit



Spare Unit:

Tiffen® Steadicam Ultra2 sled Tiffen® HD Monitor

Transvidéo Starlite HD monitor/ recorder


2 Gad2 docking bracket

1 Small Wind killer


Jeronimo® company, provide us easy access to gear like:
Arri® Alexa mini cameras, Arri® WCU-4 Focus Unit, Sony® F-55 cameras, Angénieux® Optimo zoom lenses, and many other tools.

Access-Motion® company:
Stab-1® Mark 1 and Mark2 brushless gimbals, and many aks.

Jackal Rickshaw

SASU au capital de 25000€, Siret : 802 371 146 r.c.s Bordeaux. TVA intracom :FR56 802 371 146

Siège social : 18, rue de la Devèze 33700 Mérignac. Bureaux Paris: 3, av Philippe-Auguste 75011 Paris.

Tél : +33  e-mail : locationdkt@icloud.com